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Map My Ride Routes

The Quincy Bike Club is proud to introduce the club Map My Ride Routes Account.   Map My Ride is an app for smartphones, computer and tablets and can be accessed from anywhere.  We would encourage YOU to help add maps to our listed routes.  To add a map, you’ll need to install Map My Ride on your iPhone or other device.  Please login as quincybikeclub @ (no spaces… the spaces here are so that we don’t get spammed!) and use “ilike qbc” (only with no spaces).  To view a map, just login to the account.  You can also print maps from here.  We’ll work on adding more maps as time goes on.  Each map will give detailed instructions, distance, climb and more.  You’re also able to get turn-by-turn navigation on your smartphone.  If you need help viewing maps or logging into our system, please ask a board member!

Click the image below to go to Map My Ride, login, and view our routes.

Read below to find out how to login to QBC's Map My Ride maps!

Click this image to go to Map My Ride and view our routes!